A Sonic wwffy 2! Part 8

A Sonic wwffy 2! Part 8

Here's part 8 of the series and enjoy and comment and rate. Yay part 8! I now put descriptions in the answers.

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"What in the world made you think that I would kill my friends just to go home!?!" you gasp. "Because this is what is happening at your home since your disappearance." a small portal appeared showing your parents crying and cop cars driving everywhere looking for you.

I don't care
Uh oh
pfft weak

"Mom... Dad..." you glance at Eggman, a malicious grin on his face. You scowl, "I will not, no matter what!" He stops grinning and frowns, "Always have to do things the hard way don't we?" he sighs. You stare, confused, "Um, what?" Then, out of nowhere, he pulls out a machine and zap's you with it, causing you to black out.

Darn You!

Sonic's and friends P.O.V.
"Where is she? She could be anywhere!" __ has disappeared after Jet took her, and now we can't find her! We've looked everywhere for her and can't seem to find her. Oh where is she?! "Guys, obviously she's with Eggman, we just have to-" Tails was cut off by the door opening.

Oh god...
I'm not scared.
Bring it on!

"__?" They all ask simultaneously. "..." You stare at them with a scowl. Sonic walks up to you first, "__, we were all worried si-" He was cut off by you lunging at his throat. As you try to strangle him, the rest of the group pulled you off. You were growling and trying to bite them. "__! What is wrong with you!?" Sonic chokes out, rubbing his bruised neck.

I'm a monster! *crys*
... Should've strangled harder
What is wrong with me?

"Eggman must've brainwashed her, you know what we need to do now?" Tails asks. Everyone nods. "We have to get rid of her, before she kills one of us?!" Silver shouts! Everyone looks at him. Will the gang kill __? Or will something else happen? stay tuned to find out!

NOO! I've waited this long for this piece of trash!?
AWW no fair!
Dang it!
... Pathetic
Well, better start waiting.