Are You Ann, Pippa, Felicity, or Gemma?

Are You Ann, Pippa, Felicity, or Gemma?

Libba Bray fans UNITE Find out which of her legendary characters from A Great And Terrible Beauty- either Felicity, Pippa, Ann, or Gemma -best fits you.

published on February 19, 20152 responses 0
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How would you describe yourself (Without relation to how you act--just how you truly are.)

Talented, sweet, fair, shy
Selfish, sturbborn, quick of tongue and mind
Brash, unadulterated, free of mind
Sweet, loving, loyal

What is your biggest flaw?

I am too selfish.
I am too quiet.
I am too dependent.
I am too stubborn.

Which character do you like best?


Which ailment would you prefer or least prefer to have?

To never find true love or have an uncontrollable physical problem
To never be accepted or to be poor
To never understand myself or be alone
To always be trapped or to live within a lie

Would you ever consider kissing a girl?

No...I'd die of shame!
If she were my true love, yes.
I'm not sure.

Your friend for eighteen months has fallen in the lobby, nearly spraining her ankle. She stumbles, nearly falls, and begins to cry. The pain is excrutiating. The other girls laugh and egg her on. She looks at you helplessly. What do you do?

Fall down and cry too- so she won't feel lonely.
Help her up, throw a glance at the girls, and help my friend bandage her ankle. Later, I vouch for her when she decides to report
I let her get up on her feet and assist her to the nurse. When we're leaving, I scowl at the girls. And, when and if I have the
chance, I
cut the girls' hair while they sleep.
I help her get up, tell her to remain quiet, and say nothing. She will only get us both into trouble.

Favorite flower?


You and your friends discover an untapped fountain of magic, pure and untouched. It has the potential to even save lives. What would you do with it?

Change the world and save those I love
Change my fate
Find my one true love
Try to help myself