Which Hunger Games character are you? (8)

I know this isn't that accurate but may I warn you if you get peeta you suck

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what do you do at the bloodbath

run and hide in a tree
find something useful near you then run
run like hell and hope you survive
kill like shit
get your knives and throw to kill
get some weapons, and kill one or two
get you bow and arrows, shoot and fail
run first, think later (about tricks)

if you come across a fellow tribute what do you do

form an alliance
run and hide in a tree
kill them
try to kill them but fail, thus signing you death warrant
kill them the worst way you can
kill them without thinking

if you were Katniss at the end, what would you do?

kill cato (cato and peeta die, you are the victor)
negotiate something
trap them
what Katniss did
push them to the mutts
kill cato, let peeta fall to the mutts

what is your weapon?

bow and arrow
52 knives
sword, machete
erm... maybe a knife
my mouth
my bow (I am awesome)

what are you

horrifying girl
normal boy
sexy girl
tiny girl
sneaky and sly person
muscular and monstrous
normal girl, quite pretty
boy who is quite weird and cry a lot