Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 5

The fifth part of my 'Your Divergent' Story! You just attempted a breakout; you failed. You were divided into factions and are now heading into Divergent.

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Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 5
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Hi guys! Thannks for waiting so long for this quiz. What happened last time?

Ms. Dori divided us into factions despite our results. It didn't really change much for me; my result was Abnegation anyway.
Ms. Dori divided us up, and I got stuck in Abnegation. I guess it won't be THAT bad, but...
Ms. Dori divided us up into different factions regardless of our results. I'm stuck in Abnegation. And I can't even complain
about it or someone will get really mad for me not being 'selfless' and all that.
Ms. Dori stuck me in Abnegation. My life officially sucks. How long until the Choosing Ceremony again? Better yet, we need
to attempt another breakout! (Me: Sorry, but no.) WHY??? (Me: Because.) -_-
Ms. Dori divided us into factions regardless of our results. Honestly, I think that this makes a whole lot more sense. I mean,
as it were, we would've all already been in the correct faction. The Test would've been rendered inapplicable and the
factions might not even be even!

You're shoved into one of the futuristic machines by a guard. The door slams shut, and you're left there with a group of Abnegation girls.
You recognize the five girls from your first day. The third, the one with the short black hair and eyes, speaks up. "This sucks."
The fourth, with the brown eyes and long, black-brown hair, agrees. "We have to get out."
"How?" The fifth, with blue eyes, glasses, and shoulder-length blond hair, perks up.
The second girl, with the long, straight brown hair and woody hazel eyes, casts a wary glance around the room. "Kait, if you can't answer that, none of us can."
Kait's face falls, and the first girl with the mousy brown hair, grey eyes, and freckles puts a hand on her shoulder. "We'll find a way."
Taylor clears her throat. "I think that we should get to know each other. I'm Taylor."
The first girl speaks up first. "Becca."
The second jumps in with a smile. "Jae."
The third reluctantly speaks. "Candy."
The fourth nearly shouts. "Lia."
The fifth finally adds, "Kait."

"I'm __. Nice to meet you," you say formally.
"I'm __. Nice to meet you!" you smile warmly.
"__. We have to get out of here. Any ideas?"
"I'm __ ___."

Lia speaks up again, even louder this time. "We have to escape. We can't go through with this."

"But people could get hurt!"
"As long as we don't have to fight... But how?"
"It doesn't look to me like there's any chance of us getting out of this."
"I agree!"
"Why can't we? It doesn't look like we can get out, anyways."

Kait sighs. "We can't get out. I don't even know where we're going. We could be entering a parallel universe, or an alternate dimension, or some set. Without knowledge, we're powerless."
Then Taylor speaks again. "There's something that you're all missing."

*waits, thinking that she'll say what it is*
"Missing something? But...."
"There's nothing we're missing! We-"
"Yeah, I thought so. I just don't know what..."

The door slams open again, and you realize exactly what it is...
Seven boys are shoved roughly inside. Several are bruised and/or bloody, having obviously been in fights of some kind.
The door slams behind them, and they look around curiously. They seem to do a double take when they see us girls all huddled together in a corner.
"And that," Taylor announces. "Is what you all never realized."
A tall, muscular boy that would definitely choose Dauntless strode forward. "What?"
Taylor shoves a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "No one here thought of the fact that there would be boys, too." She glances at us. "Am I right?"
Everyone just nods.
She turns back to the boys. "Make yourselves comfortable. It's going to be a long ride."
Everyone sits uneasily. I can't help but wonder if Taylor was just saying that, or if she knew something that we didn't.

Annndd... That's it for now!

OK. :) This was awesome.
OK! Can't wait for the next episode! (Me: I'll have it out as soon as I can!) Awesome! :D
OK! Seeya!
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