How much does he like you? Situations Edition

Our first quiz in expert mode, in an all new format! The idea behind this is that the question is a situation you've found yourself in before, and you select what he did. We decode for you what his responses mean! Girls only, sorry!

published on June 25, 201513 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

You end up paired up together for a science project. He.....

Immediately invites you over to work on it
a his house. You try to work and end up
talking for hours.
Invites you over to work at his house, you
work for a while and then play video
You agree to meet at the library. You talk
about work and some other stuff, but
mostly work.
He suggests you divide up the work and do
it by yourselves
Thats never happened to me

He's walking by you in the hall. Someone runs into you and you drop your books on the floor. He...

Immediately stop and helps you pick up your stuff, even if he's with friends
It takes him a second to notice, but then he helps.
catches your eye and smiles, but doesn't stop to help
sees you, but looks away without acknowledging you
doesn't even notice
That's never happened to me

You're at the mall (or somewhere else in public) and you see him there, he...

notices you instantly, comes over, and starts a conversation.
says hi and starts some brief small talk
smiles and waves, but doesn't say anything
sees you, but looks away
doesn't even notice you
is there with another girl
that's never happened to me

It it announced that you will be having a school dance. He....

asks you immediately, without hesitation
Starts talking to and hanging around you a little more often, and asks you a day or two after the
dance is announced
asks you the day before the dance
asks you last minute, and you know he asked a different girl first
Doesn't ask you, but comes to the dance without a date and hangs out with you all night
doesn't ask you, but comes to the dance without a date and stares at you all night
doesn't ask you, and comes to the dance with another girl
That's never happened to me

Your teacher lets you pick your seat in class. He...

picks the seat right next to you
picks a seat close to you, but not too close
picks the seat directly behind you
picks the seat directly in front of you
picks a seat kind of close to you, but surrounded by a bunch of his friends
picks a seat on the other side of the room from you
shows up late and just gets the last available seat
that's never happened to me before

You run into to one of his close friends. They...

start a conversation, and subtley drop hints that you would be good together
start a conversation, and subtlety talks him up to you
start a conversation, but don't bring him up
smile and wave politely
avoid talking to you
that's never happened to me