4 colors personality quiz!

4 colors personality quiz!

So, I have seen MANY "What color are you?" Personality quizzes. I've learned sence GT that there are four- Blue, green, orange, and gold. So, here you go! My version!

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What do you enjoy?

Sports, thank you!

who do you tend to be in a group project?

leader! I make sure everything is done right, and it annoys me when im not!
I tend to be the one who is equal to the leader and gets everythng turned in.
The creative one! We all need it to be different in some way, right?
The motivator And the helper. They cant do it if theyre feeling down!

Something you go by?

"Be prepared"
"Take everything to heart"
"I should be able to do this."

Something that bothers you?

Rules and guidlines
Lack of recognition in talent
Everything at once

Most likely doing at a party?

Getting everything ready! It's gotta be perfect!
Probably hiding in the corner and socializing.
Planning, invitations, organizing...

School stereotype?

Passionate/ dramatic one
Nerd ;)
OCD freak..?