The Personality Test Of The Century! InstaGram: Kaidenstagram

The Personality Test Of The Century! InstaGram: Kaidenstagram

You will be assigned a personality (E.g's Psychopath, Criminal, Average Joe and Saint) by your answers to the following questions.

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favourite TV Show

Breaking Bad
The Big bang Theory
Long Island Medium

Dream Job

Phone Salesman
Drug Dealer
Blood Spatter Analyst

Favourite Book

The Dictionary
I Don't read
The Psychopath Test
Holy Bible

Favourite Movie

Super High Me
Forrest gump

Favourite Song Artist

Green Day
The Dark Passengers
Marilyn Manson
John degrazio

How Do You See The Cup?

Half Full
Half Full, Not A Doubt In My Mind
Half Empty
Theres No Difference

Are You Often Bored?

Not Really
No, I Always Have Something To Do
Indeed I Am
Oh My God, Yes

(If You Said No On The Previous Question Click Im Never Bored And If You Said Not Really On The Previous Question Then Click Mostly doing Stuff) What Do You Do When Your Bored?

Never Bored
Mostly doing Stuff
Sit In A Dark Room And Just Think
Call Up A Friend And Go On A Stealing Spree