Gravity Falls : Which Character Is Most Like You [Accurate!]

Gravity Falls : Which Character Is Most Like You [Accurate!]

The quiz is rather to-the-point but boring questions will lead you to very accurate results! WARNING! Spoilerish, make sure to watch the new episode promo and an analyses of it before taking the quiz!

published on July 01, 201533 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

On a scale of 1-10 how strong do you consider yourself, physically?

I'm not that tough but something with 3 being my worst and 6 being my absolute best.
I don't fight that much but I'm a real alpha! Five for the win!
I'd rather not show until it's absolutely necessary, but 8 or 9 sounds right.
I dunno, maybe, like, a 4 or 5?
I'd say I'm okay, about six, man.
I'm probably even weaker than anything above...
I'm solid ten!

Again, using the scale, tell me about your social skill!

Umm...let's be honest here, 4 or 5.
Try ten! Everyone is forever my friend! [Except Gideon, he's a jerk!]
3. 3 is the final answer.
I'm making progress in my social skills! I might be a 6 or 7 by now.
7, I have great pals but sometimes we get into fights.

Now tell me how intelligent you think you are.

I'm pretty smart you know! It may vary from 7 to 9.
I kind of wish I was smarter, but I'm around 6 and that's still amazing!
Depends on what kind of smart...let's say I'm 8.
Maybe a five or six, I mostly just do the cool, not complicated stuff.
A 7 I guess? I can handle most things.

Can you determine whether you're more assertive or a pushover?

Leaning towards pushover.
Bit of both!
Pushover? Me? Ha! No way!

Are you more passive or assertive?

Passive, it's better to avoid a fight!
Aggressive! You gotta fight back!

Are you curious or do you mind your own business?

Well, I do like to investigate!
Eh. I don't care that much.

What's the most important to you?


Alright, last but not least, which traits seems to match up with you the most?

Pride, stubbornness, ignorance of what other say, mistrust.
A love of fun, avoidance of being burdened with too much work, freedom.
Optimism, naive trust, difficulty handing sadness, outgoing nature.
Childish, plain, friendly, eagerness to help with everything.