which I Carly Character are you

Do you say in 5 4 3 2 1 or do you say I'm Carly or I'm Sam are you a crazy friend or crazy brother take the quiz and find out

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What do you call handle things and having them under control

what does that mean
um I'm an adult everything I do I have things under control okay or not
my middle name is under control
well doing the right thing telling the truth fixing your own problem
what was the question again

what is your favorite color


why do you cry most of the time

a break up
someone died
no more food left
my shirt got glued to me
my mom

how do friendly are you

I'm not at all
super nice
I'm so nice I'm cool
I don't have friends and I not good around people

what do you like to do for fun.

hit a tree
hang out with Carly
make a sculpture
take of my shirt