When will i get my first period? (3)

When will i get my first period? (3)

Learn when you will get your first period and when you will become a woman!

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Any acne?
(wherever on your body)

I have such clear skin.
Like a couple a year.
Like ten in a year.
I have about 5 on my face right now!
I have to constantly take care of my skin or I'll look like i have a pizza on my face!

How long have you had hair in places?

I don't have any.
A few weeks.
A few months.
1 year.
2-4 years.

Are you moody?

Sometimes I am, but not very often.
I'm SO moody!
Kinda but when someone or something makes me mad.
Not at all.
I'm on a rollercoaster that's only going up my friend!
(From The Fault In Our Stars (: )

Do you have any discharge?
(Gooey like substance found in your underwear)

A dime size amount.
A very tiny spot.
I have none at all.
A lot i can feel it when i walk.
So much i have to wear pantyliners and sometimes it has a little bit of blood in it.

Pick the symptom which has mostly been occuring to you?

Cramps in my abdomen or lower back.
All of the above.
None of these at all, except for when I'm sick.

Do you have leg and arm hair?

I look like a werewolf if i don't shave.
Yes, but they're short .
Mostly blonde, but some longer darker ones.
They're all blonde.
None, not even blonde.

Do you have armpit hair?

None not even blonde hair.
Short and non-noticeable.
A few are there, but mostly blonde.
I have a lot, but some is missing.
I have to shave everyday!

What do your breasts look like?

Like a childs.
Just my nipples got bigger.
My breast buds have formed but they aren't growing.
They are starting to grow and i can fit a bra.
They look womanly-like and are of a good size.

Have you had any spotting?
(tiny spots of blood found in your underwear)

Kinda but i think i got hurt.
None at all.
A little every once in a while.
My discharge is brown because of it.

How close are you to your mom's/sister's age when she got hers?

Many years.
(4-5 years)
A couple years.
(2-3 years)
One year.
A couple months.
We are the same age.
I am older.

How old are you?

10 and Under
(5th grade & under)
11-12 Years of Age
(6th grade)
12-13 Years of Age
(7th Grade)
13-14 Years of Age
(8th Grade)
14-15+ Years of Age
(9th Grade +)

How long have your breasts been developing?

They haven't even been developing.
3-4 months.
8-12 months.
1- 1 and a half years.
2+ years.

Do you have any pubic hair?
(Pubic hair is hair down there)

I have so much that I don't even know what to do with it!
The majority of it is there, but there is still a little missing.
Yes but there are mostly blonde.
Nothing is down there.
They are mostly blonde hair, but i have a few darker hairs there.