Happy days personality quiz

Happy days personality quiz

find out which happy days character you are most like! yay yay yay fun

published on January 16, 20152 responses 0 1.0★ / 5

What do you like to wear for clothes?

Something that looks neat and clean
My favorite shirt (especially when I go over my best friends house, even though it annoys his dad)
My classic leather jacket
it doesn't really matter...

What's your favorite color?


what's your favorite thing to do?

play/sing music
play basketball
prank people (especially the waitress at Arnolds)
ride my motorcycle and jump sharks

What is you favorite thing to do at a sleepover?

convince your BFF to sneak out to the drag race with you
be convinced by your BFF to go to the drag race with them
I don't do sleepovers - i'm in the drag race
I keep my friends that are at the sleepover updated about the time of the drag race

What color is your hair?

light brown to light orange