What is your personality? (17)

I want to know what other peoples personalities are and I hope there are more nice and kind people.

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What is something that you most do?

Sit around and read
Jump off the walls.[Not really.]
Help the family
Ignore everybody you see
Correct everyone
Help out everyone

What do you do if you are angry?

Correct anyone
Bounce off the walls
Let it all out on the first person you see
Take a deep breath and leave
Go huddle up with a book
Just try your best not to blow

What is your favorite game to play?

How about...NONE!!!
Read my book
Hop around till your legs fall off
Play whatever your friends want to play
Correction game
Play nice games

How do you react when your mom tells you to do something you don't want to do?[Be honest on this.]

Ignore her
Do it but be crazy while you are doing it
Do it without complaint
Do it but correct her
Do it and be nice to her
Just read your book

What would you do if your friend invited you to a pool party?

Scream and scream and scream
Ignore it and walk away
Accept it and go to it
Say ok and go as soon as you can
Say ok but as long as you can correct things that go wrong
Go but you bring your books with you