should you babysit

this is to help u see if you should or should not become a baby sitter

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the parents come home and all they give you for the full 8 hours is 5$, you

flip out and burn there house down
say thank you and leave
*speechless as you walk away*

the oldest trows a bucket of milk on your head, you

kill that brat. and eat his fish in front of his body as it slowly runs out of blood
lecture him for 2 hours
time out and no more tv

how do you treat the kids if they act up

beat the crap out of them
time out for 5 min
time out and tell them why it was the wrong thing to do

do you like kids

yes, i love them
those little s**ts can die in a hole

the kids are board. what do you do

tell them to read and go to bed
send them to bed at 5 pm, and then i can do what i want
ask what games they like and play with them, or crafts

kids start to yell and cry you,

tell them that they all have to stay in there rooms and not come out for the rest of the day
duck tape them together and burn off there eye brows
time out until they say sorry and make up

the youngest wakes up and cries cuz of a bad dream, you

cuddle them, tell them its ok and it was just a dream, and it cant hurt you. then sing a lullaby until they fall asleep
punch the soft spot of there skull and burn there ear with a cigarette
tell them it was a dream, then close the door and walk away

what do you bring in your bag

all things i need for an emergence
age appropriate games, movies, books and all things for an emergence and a cell phone
make up, phone, book, r rated movie, r rated video game