What COD black ops character are you?

What COD black ops character are you?

Find out what Call of Duty, Black Ops One Zombies character you are by taking this quiz!

published on June 06, 201624 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

First Question, Witch country do you like the most?

None of the above

What type of gun do you prefer?

Wonder Weapons
Assault Rifes
None of the above

What is your favorite map?

Kino der toten
Call of the Dead
None of the above

What do you prefer, a Thundergun or the Wonderwaffle?

Thundergun, so I can make zombies go kabluee! Ha ha!
I can't decide witch one! Maybe I should just go back to Multiplayer...
Wonderwaffle, so I can zap them! HA HA HA! DIE!!!

Witch power up would you rather have, double points or insta kill?

Double points, so I can have double the honor!
I can't decide witch one! I'm going off to replay the campaign!
Insta kill, but it's not as good as NUKE!!!

What do you prefer to do?

I usually talk to those pesky voices that just WONT LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Or kill zombies.
They are pretty much the same thing.
Drink drink drink, and, umm... Drink some more.
Kick butt and get paid! Those are two of my favorite things.
Sharpen my kataka for more honor!
None of the above

What is your favorite perk-a-cola?

Juggernog, so I can take more hits!
Quick revive soda, so I can have a second chance/so I have half the revive time for my
Speed cola, so my arms move much more faster!
Double tap root beer, so my guns shot more bullets!
None of the above

Final Question, what character do you want to be?

Tank Dempsey!
Nikoial Belinski!
I don't know.
Takeo Masaki!
Edward Richtofen!