Are you sarcastic?

Um... Hmmm how can I make my description really sarcastic. OH I know. I'll put the link in for my princess quiz!

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*BE Honest* Is there anyone you know of, who actually thinks you're an idiot because your sarcasm is so 'extreme'

....he he.. Of course not... The teacher??! NOOO of course not!! That's absurd

*how do they know?*
Um.. Noo.. That would be funny if they did though..
What about people who are too 'out of the loop' to realize it?

Me: I guess.... Wait.. No your mom does not count
Lol no I'm not that stupid

. Are you smart?

Yeah.. I mean not to be head strong.. But yea
Bruh no ablan ingles
*pleads the 5th*

Ok ok ok this IS the last question... someone comes up to you and and asks you where the bathrooms are even though you're standing in line for the bathrooms.. What do you do?

You let them cut you bc they need it so bad they must have started to talk crap.
Ugh *kills self*
... R U DUMB
You slowly blink and nod your head until they realize where they are
You say "oh yea just take a left a around that corner and then you'll see a room, go inside there and you should see some cleaning supplies... Drink them.

Do you have a signature "idiot stare"?

Yeah, and I'm giving it to you now.
Um no... All I have is my 'nice' face
Um I can frown :) wait no that's not right :/

A popular girl walks by you and does the classic 'smile and wave at the peasants that are too lame to be popular like me' and then walks away. What do you do? *be honest*

You angrily flip her off! How dare she?
You roll your eyes
You honestly smile and start a genuine conversation with her. What you can't help it, you're just too nice! *im not being sarcastic, that's what u actually do*
You turn around and start screaming to your friend "oh my gosh!! I can't believe she gave me the honor of being in her presence! What a nice person!"
Idk.. You cry.. No one love u..
You give her your best 'I hate u too look and then turn around and roll your eyes." Other comments are immature and below you.

Did you take my princess quiz? If so, how was it?

Yes.. Great quiz. Might want to add more in-depth questions though.....

Finally. Do you think you're sarcastic?

No. Why?
*rolls eyes* what do you think