What is your personality? (22)

Find out about what type of person you are and what personality you have! Remember it is what is on the inside that counts.

published on June 20, 201516 responses 8
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What would you do if someone tripped over in the playground and hurt themselves?

Help them and take them to the office
Laugh at them
Not say anything and pretend you didn't see it happen
Speak in a shaky tone and ask if they are okay
Yell at them for not watching where they were going
Scare them by running up and saying are you okay in a forced yell
Calmly help them up
finish playing your game then help them
don't do anything and think that kid is boring

If someone was bullying you in the playground, what would you do?

Punch and slap them
Run away crying
Not say anything
Say you are boring to them
walk away and finish playing
Yell at them
Act really nervous and stealth away
Walk away and tell the teacher
Run up to the bully and hug them
Jump around and say 'no problem, I love you'.

What would you do if someone beat you in a test?

Congratulate them and hug them
Swear at them
Not say anything
Not participate in the first place because sport is way better
congratulate them
Jump around and tell them you love them
act bored
Act really unusual

What would you do if you $100 on the floor of the shopping centre

Keep it
hand it in
Calmly hand it to the owner
Scream and jump around
leave it on the floor
tossing between putting it in your pocket and handing it in
Hide it in your sporting trousers
Yell at everyone
Cry and run away
Do nothing

What would you do if someone asked you on a date?

Say yes and kiss them
Hug them and jump around, scaring them away
Cry and say yes
Say yes only if they take you to a sporting match
Yell at them and say no
say nothing and run away
Say nothing and look awkwardly at them
Say no and tell them they are boring
Say yes
Say no and slap them