What inheritance would you have if you were in my Family?

This is a test that allows you to see what your inheritance you would have if you were in my roleplay family! :D

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What would you prefer doing?

Killing someone who opposes me.
Healing those who desperately need it.
Commanding a group of people to do what you want.
Buying everything you want.
Getting answers for who tried to assassinate you.
Help Sam and Dean :D

Where do you live?

I don't live in a single spot, but it is usually military areas.
Near the clinic I run.
In the capitol building.
In my own mansion.
Hideouts, because I need answers.
Anywhere is fine with me.

Who are your friends?

My squad, or my creed.
Other people who help me heal others, the patients.
Other political leaders.
The 1%
Anyone who helps me investigate, especially when my niece died in a car wreck.
Other people that I help.

Who is your favorite: Will, Skaarsgard, Lupus and Vasya, Aiden, Ze Docta, or nobody?

Lupus and Vasya
Ze Docta

End of Test, what do you think you got?

Aristocrat (Don't judge me if I misused the word)