Phobia Test

Phobia Test

Is it really a phobia, or just a fear? Is your fear of heights actually acrophobia, or is it just that -- a fear of heights? Find out with this simple test!

published on November 24, 201581 responses 44 4.3★ / 5

Is it a reasonable fear that might actually be dangerous (insane heights, mad dogs, etc.), or something small or plain unreasonable (heights that aren't actually deadly high, butterflies, etc.)?

I guess that you could categorize it as a "reasonable" fear...
It's stupid, unreasonable, and yet horrifying.

Even if it is a "reasonable" fear, would you say that you experience it way too strongly or excessively for it to be normal?


Does it limit or impair you in some way? (e.g. you won't go out at night no matter the reason because you won't be able to see if there are spiders)

Yup, totally.
A little?
No, not really.

Is it a general fear or a fear of a very specific situation or place?

It's a general fear, really.
Very specific.

Do you experience physical symptoms when confronting your fear?

Yeah. Like, I get sweaty hands and freeze up a bit.
Absolutely. I start to breathe rapidly, and freak out, and I get sweaty, and tense up, and possibly do something even more extreme like throw up or go unconscious.
No, not really.

Do you experience mental trauma when facing your fear?

Absolutely. Once I almost passed out.
Um, doesn't fear itself count as a kind of trauma?