Are you cool? (2)

Everyone is based on their style, language, and personality. SOME are so calm on this type of thing, but not all. So Let's attempt, shall we? I love hearing you answers, please let me know.

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Do you have shades lying around your room?

Uhh, no. Why would I? I don't have shades in my room! *shades on the floor* uhh, you didn't see anything.
Eww, shades. People say it's suppose to protect you eyes, but it burns them even more.
Shades, chips, ice cream, a frosty from Wendy's, and a beach chair! Oh, hey! Going to the beach? Let me drive you there!
Shades, I love 'em. You can tell 'cause I'm wearing 'em right now. *bubble gum pops*
Who needs shades?! My eyes are too beautiful to be covered. Well that's what people say...

Do you earn an allowance from you parents?

Yeah, $50 of cold hard cash every DAY.
Well, I get a dollar a week. Does that count?
Not really, but I got a car. I think that means that- well they actually wasted money instead of giving.
Ooh! Money! Yeah, no I don't. BUT- when my parents aren't looking I just steal it.
Eh, who cares?

What is your favorite catch-phrase?

Money, money, money!
Aww sh*t (pooey)
Why would I have just ONE?
None of the above (other)

What is your favorite video game?

ugk! Video games?! ...oh the horror
my eyes burn when I look at the screen- and now they're burning while this quiz.
Super Mario Bro.
None of the above (other)

What is your normal style of clothing?

A T-shirt with some jeans/skirt/leggings
A ripped jean with a ripped shirt and a ripped picture- I love ripped stuff.
I'm like a Glamour Punk. I wear something punky but it's glamorous
I just pick whatever I see.
clothing is cheap