which faction do you belong to?(or are you Divergent)

what faction do YOU belong in?take this quiz to find out! please leave a comment:-)

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you are in a room with 5 objects, a voice tells you to choose one. what do you choose?

The Knife
The Book
The Cheese
The Loaf of Bread
The Quill
Question the Voice

A man appears at a door which was not there before, he tries to attack you, what do you do?

Stab him with the knife
look for what to do in the book
laugh and give him the cheese
offer him the bread
stab him with the quill
give him the book
use your mind to manipulate the simulation and turn the man into a baby

the simulation,changes there are now 5 bowls with bits of colored cloth in, what color/colors do you choose?

Red and Yellow
Black and White
GRAB THEM ALL!you can't decide
none of them you like purple

what job would you like to have?

police force
law and order
none of them i will be original!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are forced to fight your self in a way of your choice. how do you fight

with violence
with knowledge
with peace
with honesty
with selflessness

A man says that if you know this person you could save him. what do you say

yes. to find him go left then right and it is the 5th house on the right
no but i will help you find him
no but i can look him up.