What kind of jobless oaf are you?

DO you want kids? is it gonna be your worst regret?That is the question

published on July 16, 201412 responses 2
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I you have a child what would you do with it in the summer

Yell at it and beat it everyday
Let it play games, eat a fun dinner and let your child stay up a little bit past there bedtime
Have your child stay up a little bit past there bedtime and also let a friend stay the night on a school night.
Make your kid eat vegtables every day, early bedtime and no tv just homework

Your child asks to have a child over for a sleepover

beat them and yell them no!
say yes. they can stay over for as long as they want
Let the child have as many kids over as they want
no. children aren't welcome. find some educational stuff to do

your child asks for a laptop

No way! You already live. isnt that enough?
Ok. But as long as it is under 600$
Sorry. but no. but feel free to use my laptop as much as you want
no. laptops are for children who are dumb. you will be smart

Your child asks to go to the park

NO! THere is no way you are having fun
sure. just make sure you dont get hurt
Yes! have as much fun you want. come back when it gets dark though.
No. the park is for dumb people. you are smart

Your child wants to see a movie at the movie theater. HOw do you respond?

Your already fed. isnt that enough?
Yes! I'll only spend 30$ dollars on food though
Sure. but we can only get popcorn and a large drink. and some candy
no. film rots the brain. rotting of the brain is for stupid people. you are smart