Would You Be A Member Of Skyclan?

Would You Be A Member Of Skyclan?

Would you end up being a Skyclan warrior or would you not lets find out...

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(RP) A kit is falling from a high Cliff. What do you do?

Walk up there grab the kit and scold it for going up that high.
Run up there using my strong back legs I grab it by the scruff and take it to safety.
Climb the rocks and reach for the kit reaching as far as i can till i grab it by the scruff and take it to safety.

Do you know who Leafpool was named after?

Yes Leafstar leader of Skyclan
Not untill i just read the one above this ^^^
I didnt know till now

Are you a "Daylight-Warrior"

Whats that

Are rats dangerous to you?

No they can be eatten...right?
I dont think so they are just harmless rodents
Yes they have killed cats

Do you like high places?

Yes its so amazing being that high and looking down on the world
Kind of it feels good for a bit then i want to get down
No its so scary

Do you have big paws?

Yes there so big I trip over them some times they make me have super strong legs though
Kind of average paw size
No just no >.<

Do you have strong back legs?

Yes there so strong and I can jump so high
Kind of there not that strong
No I have week back legs

Do you have great vision?

I wear glasses im almost blind!
50-50 vision O.O
I have okay vision