Who is your Pokemon guardian?

Who is your Pokemon guardian?

Which Pokemon is guarding you? Try this quiz to find out! This is my first quiz so please don't hate it.

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OK first question, what's your favorite pastime?

Martial arts. Karate, Kung fu, ect.
Reading a book.
Talking with your friends.
Being outdoors.

You see a kid getting beat up by a bully what do you do?

Rush in and punch the bully in the face.
Wait to see if the kids okay, then try to help them feel better.
Confront the bully and try to talk him out of attacking.
Rush to get an adult.

I know people hate this question but I have to ask, what's your favorite color?


Do you like Pokemon?

Yeah, why else would I take this quiz.
Of course, it's awesome.
Eh, so-so.

Do you like your family?

Very very much.
Yes, but they're also quite annoying.
Not really.

Do people come to you for advice?

All the time.
Not really, I'm generally the one who needs advice.
No never.

Do you fight a lot?

I try to talk it out, but if that fails I'll kick your butt across the room.
No not really.

Thanks, later.

It's over, okay bye.
Finally, see ya.