Not Your Average Hogwarts Life! (Part 10)

Not Your Average Hogwarts Life! (Part 10)

I pretty much think you'll get mad at me if I make you wait until the end of July for this quiz, so I finished this as soon as possible! I hope I can make more parts before the end of July! Also a notice: Daphne Opals' story is over, so that's why there's only TEN Personalities left on the TENTH Part (I wasn't planning on that but it's Funny that there's 10 personalities on the 10th part) Also another thing: We'll have another Story ending. I'm pretty sure more than half of you are going to hate me for who's story is going to be over. (Don't worry Briana's, your stories may be one of the final ones to end!)

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Who did you get last time?

Quinn Thomas!
Taylor Willows!
Valorie Jackson!
Elizabeth Willows!
Morgan Goodwill!
Addy Newman!
Briana Skater!
Camille Victorious!
Eleanor Robin!
Faith West!



What happened in Part 9?

I blacked out in a dark room.
Abigail's going to have a funereal! Why???
My Dad stopped me from getting into trouble.
Flora told me to get some sleep.
I was thinking about suicide.
Anna-Maria and I had a fight.
Draco and I had our first kiss!
Ally fell off her broom! :(
I got permission to leave the hospital!
Jessie is an idiot.

First name?

T a y l o r !
V a l o r i e !
A d d y !
B r i a n a !

Which is your character?

The girl who goes after a Kidnapped best friend.
The Girl who has dementors in her hometown.
The girl who will save the day and money.
The girl who goes after her own possessed friend.
The girl who gets made fun of by the Daily Prophet.
The girl who gets entered in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
The girl who gets kidnapped (And has her first kiss with Draco! :D)
The Girl who goes to save a kidnapped girl.
The girl who broke her leg while trying to defend a town.
The girl who saved a little owl. :)