Which Disney Princess/Heroine are You?

Which Disney Princess/Heroine are You?

Are you determined Merida? Bold Esmerelda? Logical Eve? Find out which Disney princess or heroine really fits your personality! (results are from the following link: http://personalitygrowth.com/myers-briggs-disney-princesses-and-heroines/)

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What's something special about you?

What's something special about you?
I strive to make a difference in the world.
I always fight for others.
I never give up on love.
I never lose my childish enthusiasm.
I'm always hunting for knowledge.
I always go for what I want.
I always search for deeper understanding.
I'm constantly excited by possibilities.
I'm completely loyal.
I'm always trying to be strong.
I'm always striving to be kind and thoughtful.
I give my everything until it hurts.
I can let go of worry easily.
I'm will live my life to the fullest no matter what it takes.
I appreciate the beauty in everything.
I live completely in the moment.

How do you handle betrayal?

How do you handle betrayal?
I often don't trust easily enough for someone to hurt me, but when I do let them into my life, I let them in completely; their
betrayal sinks extremely deep and it'll be almost impossible for me to ever trust them again.
I'll probably be extremely upset and sort of shut off my emotions for a little while. I'll probably rant about it to both the
backstabber and my friends and anyone who will listen to express just how awful and wrong it was.
If someone really hurts me, I'll probably just retreat into myself for a long time. It'll be extremely difficult for me to trust
anyone again.
I'll probably just act like it doesn't matter, even if it does. I'll wonder and wonder about why they would hurt me; probably
ask others about it, too.
I'll probably try to figure out exactly what happened first and possibly forgive the person if they're worth it. If not, I'll slam
the door in their face and move on.
At first, I'll probably be very, very angry. Loyalty is VERY important to me, and they just betrayed it. After a while, my rage
might begin to disspate, but it may take awhile.
For the most part, I can see betrayals coming and can avoid them. But when I can't, I'm utterly stunned and hurt. However,
I'll easily forgive the person depending on the situation.
I guess that I sort of expect betrayal from some people. It's a part of life. I'll probably be really mad at people for wasting my
time, but I can learn to move on.
If it's a small betrayal, I'll probably just forget it and move on. But if it's a huge betrayal, I'll get pretty upset about it. It
depends on the situation.
I'll probably just change to try to avoid a betrayal happening again. It's really, really difficult for me to just cut people out of
my life.
Depending on the betrayal, I might forgive them. But even if I do, I'll never EVER forget it and it will haunt me and that
person forever.
I'll just try to block out my emotions. I don't want to look weak. I'll probably shut them out, too, although I might feel guilty
about it later.
I'm very forgiving and logical, and it's hard for people to get close enough for me to get hurt by them anyways. So it
probably wouldn't be so big a deal.
I tend to hold grudges and it's hard for me to forgive... I'll remember every moment and might never let it go, but try to
block it out by cutting the actual person from my life.
I try to completely forget about it and move on. Even though I'm a very forgiving person, that can be difficult sometimes.
I'll be mad at them, but try to hide it. I'll probably forgive them openly but secretly hold a grudge and never quite forget
about it.

Describe your sense of morality.

Describe your sense of morality.
I have a very strong sense of morality, but it's not always black and white; it's very specific based on the situation and people
involved. I have an extremely strong sense of justice and tend to try to protect the weak or people I care about.
I have extremely strong senses of morality and what's wrong, although it's mostly molded by those closest to me and what
they think.
I have a very strict, black-and-white sense of what's right and wrong, even though it's sometimes hard to follow.
I have a very strong sense of internal morals, but it's hard to judge others with them because I always tend to see the good in
My sense of morality is very personal and I don't like to press it onto others. They can have their morals, I can have mine; we
should all respect that completely.
My beliefs are strongly rooted in a sense of knowledge, efficiency and loyalty. I have a very strong sense of right and wrong,
although it may be more influenced by logic and facts.
I have my own set of morals, but they're pliable as I like to stay open-minded and see things from other people's perspectives.
I have a set of principles that are important to me, but I don't really force them on others. In general, I sort of just ignore
what others are doing unless it hurts my family or those that I care about.
I have a very strict, black-and-white code that is mostly based on society and the law. If people don't follow it to the letter, I
can get upset.
My moral values are mostly based on society and those close to me. I want to be dependable and will always stand up for my
My moral code is mostly based on those around me and how I grew up, but I can adapt. My main rule is to simply avoid
hurting others in any way.
My sense of morals is largely based on the people I'm surrounded by, and I'm constantly striving to make people happy and
keep people from getting hurt.
I'm very impulsive and tend to have a very loose set of morals that is mostly just based on whether it might deeply hurt
I like to live in the moment, and my morals are sort of adaptable. I hate when people judge my morals and try to avoid
hurting others, even though I can hurt people lots without even realizing it.
I have very strong and deep morals, and I get extremely upset with myself if I violate them.
I have a pretty free set of morals and like to live in the moment and have fun. I hate being controlled or judged for my
choices and just want life to by enjoyable for everyone.

Which of these things would make you the most angry?

Which of these things would make you the most angry?
Small talk
Willful ignorance
Being discredited
Inconsiderate people
Seeing loved ones hurt
Constant complainers
Being ignored

If you were a villain, what kind of villain do you think that you would be?

If you were a villain, what kind of villain do you think that you would be?
The person who honestly thinks that they're doing it for a good cause and probably has a redemption arc.
The one who will never let their plans slip; it's always questionable what they're really after.
The person with one event in their life as the primary motivation for every bad thing they have ever done.
The one that started off with a cause but is honestly just having fun messing with people at this point.
The mastermind behind the chess board, controlling everything.
The leader of a questionable organization that probably has many, many pawns.
The evil genius to whom scheming comes very naturally.
The one who never stops playing games with the hero and is probably the biggest advocate of anarchy.
The one with a very detailed, sometimes convoluted, plan to get where they want to be.
The person probably aiming for world domination.
The one who does little things to annoy the hero like leaving messages behind and flashing them smiles.
The one who maintains a facade of being good to be loved by a lot of people, so they'll have an army to defend them if
they're ever accused of anything.
The one that takes "keep your enemies closer" to heart and tries to befriend those trying to catch them.
The one who does cliche villain things for the irony, and no one knows how to catch them. Meanwhile, they're in their house
laughing their head off.
The one who gets manipulated into revealing the entire plan because they think they've already won. And sometimes, they
win anyway.
The one who's always giving out motivational speeches to get people to join their cause and fight for them.

Your reaction to bits of weird knowledge...

Your reaction to bits of weird knowledge...
"I already knew that."
"Oh, interesting!"
"What on earth are you talking about?"
"That's irrelevant, please shut up."

When you're out walking in public, you're most likely...

When you're out walking in public, you're most likely...
"Why is everyone walking so slow???"
Spacing off into my head and running into people...
Smiling and waving at everyone.

What's your reaction to lots of homework?

What's your reaction to lots of homework?
*looks at homework* *turns on music* *goes on tumblr* *cries from feels*
If we all work together, we can finish the homework! You, work on the creative parts. You, make the PowerPoint. You, write
the summary. I'll delegate and oversee.
I want to do the creative analysis parts, but the rest is so boring... *turns on the soundtrack to an indie movie*
I can't do my homework, my books are too sad and I'm too busy thinking. I just don't look busy, but I am. It's called
multitasking, I can listen to music and work.
I'll do the homework if it helps me in the long run... Otherwise I'm wasting my time.
The homework is done. Now, to more important things...
I could get an A if I just did the homework, but I just don't want to. I have better things to do.
*quietly finishes homework*
No such thing as a lot of homework, I worked ahead. The homework for next week is already done.
If I do my homework, my teacher will know that I respect them. Better get it done...
I'm done! I wonder if anybody else needs help...
Homework isn't important... Well, maybe this one part is. I'll finish that now and do the rest later.
*procrastinates until the last minute*
*doodles all over the papers*
What homework?


I experience emotions intensely.
They're just neurotransmitters and hormones. I get being emotional sometimes, but not to the extreme.

Which princess/heroine do you think that you most relate to?