Which clan do you belong in, Ankh, Trinity, or Triad?

Which clan do you belong in, Ankh, Trinity, or Triad?

Which clan should you run away with before your correction? Children of Ankh series by Kim Cormack

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Someone you don't know walks up to you on the street and kisses you, what do you do?

Punch them in the face.
Kiss them back, knee them in the crotch, then wink and walk away.
Stomp on their foot and the cuss them out.

Someone shoves you on the sidewalk, you...?

Shove them back. Hard.
Trip them.
Make sure no one is watching, and then shove them back.

You are driving down the highway with your family, when suddenly a demon-like creature jumps in front of your car and you drive off the road, you wake up a few minutes later in a ditch near the wreckage. What do you do now?

Try to run, be prepared to fight if you have to, assume/hope that your family got out on their own.
Play dead and try to discreetly take in your surroundings, if you don't see your family, stay put, if you do, try to get to
them as quietly as possible.
Discreetly take in your surroundings, and if it's clear, start looking for your family.

Tiberius kisses you. How do you react?

Kiss him back and then look flustered and confused, stumble away.
Kiss him back and then stomp away angrily.
Kiss him back and then shrug it off.

Someone tries to mug you, what do you do?

Laugh and then twirl the knife you have in your hand.
Tell them that what they are about to do is a very bad idea, and flash them the outline of the gun in your pocket.
Knock them out cold and walk away.