What to Read

What to Read

Out of a good book? Feel like you've read everything out there? I'll pair you with one of my favourite little-known books... If your not satisfied, take the quiz again!

published on February 26, 201538 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

How do you like your protagonists?

Funny, optimistic and remarkable in an ordinary way.
Courageous, headstrong and determined.
Rural, no-nonsense, impossably brave under pressure and a strong leader.
An outcast rebel, willing to die for what they believe in.
A mysterious, magical enigma who had a troubled childhood.
A weirdo destined for the nuthouse, but denying this through rebellious teen tactics.
Someone who sees things other people don't, with a very eccentric personality & fashion.

What do you like most in a book?

Wierd and warped, twisted ideas
Different stories that all weave together to form a beautifully complex yet simple web
A realistic yet exiting storyline
Growth of the main character
Learning about stuff through it

How well would you rate your reading skills?

Year 11
Year 10
Year 9
Year 8
Year 7
Year 6
Year 5

Which quote most appeals to you, or do you find most intriguing?

"Six months later this former nun-to-be finds herself married to this outlaw, and nine
months after that they become my mum and dad."
"I've been collecting bugs since I was ten; it's the only way I can stop their whispers.
Sticking a pin through the gut of an insect shuts it up pretty quick."
"There will come a day when a thousand Illegals descend on your detention centres.
Boomers will breach the walls. Skychangers will send lightning to strike you all down
from above, and Rumblers will open the earth to swallow you up from below."
"Glass heels, glass lips, hands grasping a glass parasol, the draped stiffness of a
shatterproof ballgown - a glass Cinderella."
"The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it... It is simply there,
when yesterday it was not... And the black sign painted in white letters that hangs upon
the gate reads:
Opens at Nightfall
Closes at Dawn"
"Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness."
“The mosquito felt pain and panic but the dragonfly knew nothing of cruelty. Humans would call it evil, the big dragonfly destroying the mosquito and ignoring the little insects suffering. Yet humans hated mosquitoes too, calling them vicious and bloodthirsty. All these words, words like 'evil' and 'vicious', they meant nothing to Nature. Yes, evil was a human invention."
"Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day."

Is it ok if a book has a little bit of Hanky-Panky in it?

Yes, so long as it's not really descriptive
What's Hanky-Panky?

What is your favourite Genre of book?

Historical fiction

On a scale of one to three, one being the most, how much do you enjoy a book messing with your head?


when would you rather the story be set?

The 19th centuary
The distant past
The not-so-distent past
The present
Timelessness but fairly current
The future