Does he love u, are u the girl?

Are u the girl? Are u wondering if he likes u? Well this quiz might be a little help for u to realise ur answer!

published on May 31, 201713 responses 0
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Does he text U a lot?

Yah, 24/7 :3
Ye, whenever he can, he would always talk
No, I don't even have him on social media
No, he rather not, but sometimes he does... I guess..

Does he say ur cute, pretty? Any compliments?

Well yeh, he said I'm rlly rlly pretty
He said I'm cute... But maybe that's not enough :(... Me: u still do the rest of the quiz, maybe not all hope is lost
No, never at all
Nope :(

Does he hang out/talk with other girls?

Yes, all the time, its like I'm only "one" of them
No, he always with me
Sometimes, he said he rather be with me
No, he hates other human girls, like there another species, I'm de one he wanna hang with

Does he ever get annoyed with u talking a lot?

No, loves talking with me :D
Yes, like once, oops :/
Yes, most of the time, I always get carried away, I'm in love WHAT DO U EXPECT, Me: geez, calm ur socks
Yes, quit a few times actually

Does he help u when ur. Down

No, he never notices my feelings
Yes, always gives advice, every time!
Yes! He is so nice, gives advice, wnever he has time, he always tries
No, never rlly does anything