Which anime character are you most like? (Girl)

Which anime character are you most like? (Girl)

Which character are you from Glitter force, sailor moon, inuyasha, and futari wa precure? Find out here!

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Do you like to study?

Um... for my grades?
No way! Sports are better!
I don't know... (bursts into tears)
Rather die...
Of course! It's educational phenomenon... wait... whoops! I'm talking in the learning language again!
I almost never get to go to school, because my grandpa is always making up awful excuses!
I fall asleep while I'm studying! (Yawns)
I love studying! It's the only thing I'm good at!
I think it's important, but I only do it when I have to.
I do it, but not frequently. Only at a a friend's place.
I'd rather watch romantic movies!
If mean studying my superpowers, then yes!
I fall asleep! I would rather play lacrosse.
Of course! I love studying!

Are you a book freak?

Yes! But my favorite ones are fairy tales!
I read, but only in school.
Yeah....I guess I read sometimes...
I read sport books!
I'll read any book!
School! Remember?
I read picture books... but no books with only words.
I read all day!
I read magazines!
I read, but only when I have free time!
I read romance novels!
Yaaaay! Books!
Nope! Playin' lacrosse!
I read. But I don't read many fiction books.

Do you fight?

No way!
Never.... I always figure out a peaceful way...
When I have to!
No! I find a better way to negotiate things.
Only with a bow and arrow! With DEMONS! Scared now?
Ha! You betcha!
When things get too out of hand.
Oh, yes I do!
All the time!
Fight for love!
I'm weak...
Fiht for the winning place!
I never fight.

Are you crushing on someone?

No way!
I dont know how to crush people. Except on the battlefield...
Only when I have to pretend!
Too much of a schedule.
In some people....
Only people that have some relation with my ex-boyfriend.....
I LOVE LOVE if that counts!
I'm an outcast.
If he will like me back...
Never met anyone except for a few seconds .

Do you want peace in the world?

Of course!
Peace is my middle name....
Which one? =_=
What do you mean by peace?
Of course.
If it's in evil people's world, then no!
Peace and love!
Yeah! (Giggles)
Maybe.... if I win every game, that will be peace!
Educational peace!

Roleplay time!

(says nothing)
What theme?
What's roleplay?
How much time will this take?

Even if you said no, I'm doing it anyway! If you were inside an enemy's prison cell, an you were chained to the wall, what would you do?

That's it! Where did the cell come from? That's it! (Pulls out transformation device)
OH NO!!!!!!!
Slip out of the chain and get away by kicking down the door!
(sobs hysterically)
Think of a solution and try it!
Shoot the the door open with a bow!
Try to squeeze through the bars!
I don't know what to do in this situation... wait?
Have a temper tantrum and make them let me out!
Grab the dudes by the ear and demand they let me out!
Seduce the guards into letting me out! That always works in movies!
Smack the dudes with a lacrosse stick!
Tell them that I need to study!

Who are you hoping to get?

Glitter lucky!
Glitter sunny!
Glitter peace!
Glitter spring!
Glitter Breeze!
Sailor moon!
Sailor mercury!
Sailor Mars!
Sailor Jupiter!
Sailor Venus!
Sailor chibi moon!
Cure black!
Cure white!

Will you like your answer? And commen (t?)

Of course!
No way!