Which Faction are you in? (1)

Take this quiz to find out which faction you belong in from Veronica Roths book Divergent

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Which Percy Jackson character are you most like?

Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase
Grover Underwood
Thalia Grace
Rachel Elizabeth Dare

If Your friend is playing a trick on one of your enemies what do you do?

be honest and tell the teacher
help your friend and revenge your enemy
never pull a prank on friend because it is not kind
help your friend plan the prank (they need brains don't they)

If you are playing truth or dare which would you choose?

I'm not playing
(sitting in the corner reading a book)

What if there is a zombie apocalypse. What is the first thing you do/

Make a weapon
Make sure you family is safe
Attack first chance you get

Favorite color?


If you were given a million dollars what would you do with it?

Give it to charity
(I honestly don't need it)
Bribe your friend to do crazy stuff with you
(you can't spend it alone)
Use the money for environmental uses
Buy school utensils with it

What do usually do in your free time?

doing crazy stunts
helping a friend
spreading peace