Who is your greek god parent? (1)

Find out who your greek god parent is! Don't you want to know? Thi will be so much fun you will enjoy it so much!

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Do you like candy?

No it rots your teeth!
Its good
Not a fan
OMG I love it
yes I will steal your Halloween stash hahahahah

What do you think about rubber ducks?

this is a stupid question
They remind me of the sea
I love how they squeak
yes they are so cute!
yeah this is dumb

What do you want to eat?

Roasted chicken in olive oil with some rosemary, please.
Fish and hush puppies with a side of cole slaw!
Fried quail and figs.
Oh, I'm not picky, chicken nuggets are tasty!
A big red lobster with caviar and some crem bru le for desert!
Steak and potatoes for me!

Do you like school?

Its okay.
Only science class
Yes, music class!

Do you have social media?

No its a complete waste of time
I have only tumblr
Yes! how else am I supposed to keep up with my favorite celebs?
Yes and I have like a bajilion followers!
Whats that?

What do you want to watch on tv?

Anything will do. I'm not very interested. id rather read a book.
Shark week!
The weather station
The music channel!
The shooping chanel, or Americas next top model!


heheh stripes
ewww poopy striped horses
kill them all!

Favorite summer activity?

Reading, and playing skillful games with friends......you win of course duhhhhh
Swimming, diving, the usual.
Watching the majestic storms fueled by the summer sun!
Singing songs and listening to the jams!
Getting my nails done and going to the salon. HAVING PARTIES!
Watching wrestling and brawling with the bros.

What sport do you prefer?

soccer or basketball
competitive swimming
sky diving!
Does glee club count?

What is your dream vacation?

To see historic war battle fields!
The beach all the way!
Greece, I guess.
To see a concert!
A get away to California, preferably maliboo.
To see a mma fight!