Which RiverClan cat are you?

Find out which RiverClan warrior cat you are, in my 4th quiz! ^_^ Enjoy!

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Your best friend is changing to impress Blackscar, the handsome RiverClan warrior. She no longer spends time with you, and pretends to do impressive hunting moves... just to get noticed! What do you do?

Hope that they change back to the normal
Jadesparkle, but if not, just ignore them
Wait... she is?! I haven't even noticed! *Wink
Shrug it off. Oh well. I guess that our
friendship wasn't that important.
Gently tell them how you feel.
Feel angry... I can't believe I ever talked to

You find yourself nose-to-nose with an angry badger... What do you do?

Fight it. I have something to live for!
Calmly take a step back... maybe it's
Gasp, and run away
Fight it, so it doesn't kill anyone.
Fight it and prove myself a worthy RiverClan

Oh no! Your mate just fell under the ice! What do you do?

Jump in, and try to save them.
Yowl for help, and pray to StarClan that
he/she can find the way out!
Cry. It's no use. They are dead.
Scramble around, trying to shout helpful tips.
Send a quick prayer, and then dive in after
him/her. If we don't make it out, at least we

Leaf-bare has wiped all the prey out of your territory. Your on a hunting patrol, and see a fat squirrel on ThunderClan land. You sniff the air, and there's no scent of any close cats. What do you do?

Obey the code. Unless, it gets too close...
Come on, the Clan is starving! You quickly kill
Pray that there's a patrol nearby, so it doesn't
get away.
Want to go after it, but don't.
Double check that no cat is nearby, and then
kill it.

Ah! Camp is on fire! What do you do?

Make sure everyone's OK, and then RUN!
Get everyone out before you, and then lead
them to safety.
AH! OK, is the leader safe? Is the medicine
cat safe? Are the queens safe? Are the kits
safe? Are
the elders safe? Are the warriors safe? Are the
apprentices safe? EVERYONE, CALM DOWN!
Get the leader out. He IS the leader, after all!
Save myself, but go back in, just in case a kit
got dropped.

Owie! You twisted your foot, while going on a walk. No cat is around... What do you do?

Limp back to camp. DUH!
Yowl for help.
Try to remember some herbs that you were
Calmly wait for help.
Get back to camp, and then go straight to the
medicine den.

Fox dung!!! Your deaf kits just got seperated from you, and they're not in camp. What do you do?

Freak out, and yowl their names.
Get a little nervous, but report it to the
Freak out, and ask the deputy to organize
search parties.
Stay calm, and find them on your own.
Want to wail, but keep calm, and lead a patrol
to find them.

You find a group of kittypets on your land. What do you do?

Ask them what they're doing.
Confront them, and tell them to leave.
Back away slowly, and report it to the leader.
Question them.
Give them prey. It's the least I can do! :D

OK... So the kittypets all want to join your Clan now...

Try to convince them that their TwoLegs
would miss them.
Nervously say no. Who knows? This could be
a pack of rogues in disguise!
Sure! Lead them to camp.
Say no, and walk them back to TwoLeg Place.
Shrug. Sure, I guess...

At the Gathering, your leader lies about windClan stealing prey. What do you do?

Keep my mouth shut. He has his reasons.
Get a puzzled look on your face, and hope
someone notices.
Keep a cool expression. It's not my place to
speak against him.
Twitch your tail angrily, and then confront
your leader after the Gathering.
Tell your trustworthy ThunderClan what

A fox carries off a cat you don't like very much... what do you do?

Chase after the fox. He's my Clanmate!
Chase after the fox, and fight it with all your
There's nothing I can do... He's a goner...
Chase after the fox, a little slower than you
would with someone else.
Chase it, and save him. Maybe now I'll finally
be made deputy!

An elder in your Clan feels as if he isn't worth hunting for, if he can't hunt himself. Now, he refuses to eat! What do you do?

I'll shove it down his throat if I have to!
Gently remind him that he served the Clan a
long time, and deserves some peace.
Don't get involved. We all know how cranky
elders can be!
Tell him that he needs to eat, or he'll die.
Hey, the truth hurts.
Tell him that he can join you on the next
hunting trip, if that's what he really wants.