Which Harry Potter Character Are You? (5)

There's a secret desire to attend Hogwarts in all of us! Find out who your personality most resembles out of ten of the most well-known J.K Rowling characters. A light-hearted yet strangely accurate test... [not based on any real psychological assessment - purely for entertainment value]

published on July 24, 201434 responses 14
Which Harry Potter Character Are You? (5)
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What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite colour?
Red or orange
Green or black
Blue or Purple
Brown, pink or yellow

If you wanted some down time, what would you prefer?

Knitting or reading
Go outdoors to run, kick a ball or walk a dog
Torture kittens
Daydream or reminisce
A chess game
A foot massage by your personal masseuse

You are feeling overloaded and stressed. Which of these would you do?

Brood and get moody until you snap at someone or have bad dreams
Eat comfort food and procrastinate
Organise a to-do list and get started on the highest priorities
You very rarely, if ever, get stressed
Bang your head against a wall repeatedly

You are still feeling stressed. Which of these would you choose to help relieve it?

Chat to your faithful dog about it and have a beer
Do yoga or meditation
Yell at some kid from down the street for running too loudly

What quality do you possess above the others?

What quality do you possess above the others?
Courage and standing up for what's right
Intelligence and a quest for knowledge
Hard work and never giving up
Shrewdness and a desire to succeed

Solve -a(8 + 2 x 2 – 7) where a = -2

There is no reward or punishment for answering this so I'm not wasting my time
I could answer it, but I would rather ponder the subjectivity of zero in varying environments

What is your preferred pet?

All sorts of weird and wonderful creatures - you can never have enough pets

What is your favourite subject (or in what area would you like to study if you had the chance)?

Maths or science
Language or history
Philosophy or theatrical arts
Sport or lunchtime

Which career would you most enjoy?

World Dictator
Social worker
Graffiti mural designer
Double secret agent

You have just won an award for best employee of the year after completing a huge project. What do you enjoy the most?

The admiration you receive from others
The advancement to future promotion or pay rise
Being pleased with yourself (the final product was beyond perfect)
You have your time back to yourself again

When in a group, what role do you most often assume?

When in a group, what role do you most often assume?
The leader
The comedic sidekick
The quiet 'sidekick' who manipulates the group to do what they want but make it seem like
the leader's idea
The wise adviser
The one who never knows what's going on but joins in anyway
The quiet one no one notices

One of your friends/acquaintances has had a big party. There is a huge mess at the end. You:

Go hammertime at it and break a pile of plates because you tried to balance 23 in one go
Stay back and help until it is under control
Carry a few plates and cups to the sink then sidle out the door
You stay back and intend to help, but end up chatting and distracting others who are cleaning
You are a guest so it is really not your place to clean up

There is an expensive outfit in the latest fashion trend of your sub-culture (hipster, pop, indie, MLP etc). You:

Buy it, along with awesome accessories - only the best for you
Wait until it’s on sale or find a cheaper version on ebay
Only wear your own unique style and you don’t care that others think you are strange
As long as you aren't naked - you don’t care any further than that
Rush out and buy it for your best friend

How do you feel about your appearance?

You're sexy and you know it
When you take the effort, you brush up pretty well
It's what's on the inside that counts
You are hideous

ANNOYING HYPOTHETICAL! There is an armed robber cornered at the bank. He is threatening to blow up the place now that he is caught and you notice explosives strapped to his body. He will let 2 people go free and gives you the choice. You did not bring any friends or family with you. What do you do?

Choose to save yourself plus an attractive potential mate or someone who looks worth saving
You choose the pregnant woman and a doctor to go free - they will potentially benefit the world the most and are
effectively 3 lives
You are 92% sure you can fling a nearby keyboard in a ninja star curve that will put the robber out of action if the bald guy in
front of you moves - so you distract the robber by picking the bald guy and someone else quite far away and then go for it
Immediately run towards the robber and try to overtake him with brute strength and righteous anger or whatever comes to
mind at the time
You're more likely to be the violent criminal in a situation like this

How do you respond to a personal insult?

Doesn't phase you, you're used to it
You reply with a sarcastic comeback
Your hackles rise and you resort to yelling back, if not violence
You look like a puppy that just got kicked
You stab the offensive person

Do you choose good or evil?