Divergent Aptitude Test (6)

Divergent Aptitude Test (6)

I've already made a Divergent quiz, but I wanted to make a simulation-based one, and since I've already remade a few of my quizzes, I thought I'd work on this one too.

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(This is a RP quiz)
You're sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for your name to be called out so you can take the Aptitude Test. Are you nervous?

A little

You glance over towards the Abnegation table. What do you think of them?

They're boring, I don't like them much...
They are wonderful people, but I could never fit in there.
I love their lifestyles - I value selflessness too.

What about the Erudite?

They're so arrogant - they think they know everything!
Some are kind of smug, but they are kind people mostly. We need them for the good of
our city.
Well, I value intelligence, so I like the Erudite a lot.

And what is your opinion on Candor?

What's the point in complete, total honesty? I tell white lies a lot.
They mean well, and I respect their courage, but it's not quite the lifestyle for me.
I'd join them anytime! I am a very honest person.

How about the Amity?

They're way too mellow and passive.
They'd make wonderful friends.
Their lifestyle is beautiful. I love how peaceful they are.

Last but not least, the Dauntless.

They're way too violent for me.
The Dauntless are cool, but I doubt that I'd join them.
Dauntless is awesome!

So overall, your favourite faction is probably...

I don't know!

It's your turn to be tested...
You walk into the testing room and drink ther serum your tester gives you. You close your eyes...
You're back in the cafeteria, but it's empty, save for one table with a gun, an apple and a coil of rope on it. You are instructed to choose one, so you grab...

The gun
The rope
The apple
What will I do with it? Why must I choose just one?

(If you chose the apple)
The simulation teleports you to an alleyway, where you see a hungry-looking factionless man. His eyes light up when he sees the apple, you...

Keep it
Give it to him

(If you didn't choose the apple)
All the items you didn't choose disappear, and a man and a small boy appear in the room. The man is chasing the boy and threatening him. What do you do?

Attack him with the gun/rope
Jump in front of the boy to distract the man
Try and calm the man down
Panic and freeze

You are suddenly teleported to a room where you are questioned about an act of vandalism. They bring in one of your friends and ask if they were the perpetrator. You are pretty sure that it was them, but your friend mouths "Say no" at you. You decide to...

Tell the truth - that your friend is probably guilty

(If you lied) Your friend smiles at you, but the interrogators aren't finished. They say that those who lie to them can get in serious trouble - not only that, everyone they know gets interrogated. They give you one last chance to tell the truth, and you...

Continue lying. The threat was probably a bluff, and I'm loyal to my friends!
Admit that your friend was probably guilty, to save yourself and others you know.

You wake up from the simulation and find yourself back in the testing room. You get your result and leave.
When the school day ends, you and your friends walk home together. Suddenly, your friend is ambushed by a factionless woman. You...

Push your friend out the way to protect them
Tell her firmly to leave your friends alone
Try and work things out peacefully

It turns out everything is fine - she just wanted food, and you didn't have any.
You arrive home. What do you do?

Start your homework - it's good to have it out of the way
Cook dinner - you and your family are hungry
Entertain yourself - maybe play sports or read

Today is the day of the Choosing Ceremony. Describe what you do in the lead up to it.

I enjoy myself. It's a day to be celebrated!
I spend time with my friends in case I don't see them again.
I spend time alone to have a think about my choice.

Now it's time to decide. You think about your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, to best decide your faction. What are you like?

I'm fun-loving, but I'm brave and determined and can be very serious when I want to
I'm extremely loyal and friendly, and I love my friends and family. I value integrity.
I come across as cold sometimes, but I'm actually quite nice. I consider myself to be
I'm cautious and sensible, and I like to think things through. I put others before myself.
I'm happy and cheerful, but I'm protective of my friends. I sometimes seem childlike.
I'm unique and quirky, and I like debates and discussions. I am peaceful and
I am smart, talkative and leader-like, and frequently take charge. I value justice.