Which TMI Charactor Are You?

Which TMI Charactor Are You?

The Mortal Instruments… you got to love it! find out which charactor you are by taking this personality quiz!

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if you could have any power, what would it be?

being super fast and strong
super smart and talented
super intelligent and brave
super strong and a good fighter
being extremly beautiful

your hair type would be...

shoulder length and golden
long, red and curly
short, messy and a brownish blonde
short and dark black
long, beautiful and dark black

your friend was kidnapped! you...

Go on a solo mission to rescue the friend. One person is already in danger, why endanger others?
are determined to find them and save them, they're your friend and you don't want anything bad to
happen to them.
call the police
Plan out exactly how you're going to rescue the friend and then go do it.
Call over my remaining friends, gear up, and go on a rescue mission!

whats your idear of a perfect saterday night?

clubs are good, especially when im with friends or people i love.
its not the place, its the people, and how easy it is to pick a fight with them….
going out… it'd have to be somewhere im reaaally comfortable with, and people i am comfortable with.
people are everything. i'd go anywhere if my friends were going. to make them happy, you know
going on a hunt with a group of friends, it doesnt matter where, as long as its fun.

if i had a weapon it would be…...

something elegant, sexy… like me
and i need a weapon why? ok, ok. ummm…… something long distance, dont want to get to close to
some random conflict.
give me a toothpick and i'll make it deadly, but anything that looks elegant and dangerous.
i can do most things, anything that help me protect those i care about. thats all that matters.

assuming you have the perfect body, you would rather wear….

and since when does it matter what i wear? something easy to move in, nothing to restrictive. also, it
helps if it looks sexy.
wear? umm, well, this outfit was on my bed… im not fussed, seriously. i wish i could look good, but why
something that doesnt stand out. dark colours. loose clothes. i dont want to be noticed.
preferably something quirky with a clever slogan or picture, but im really not that fussed.
short. long. tight. loose. whatever looks good and soots my mood. i have awesome taste, and i DO have
the perfect body

how would you describe your self?

quiet and shy
arrogant. cute, hot and sexy.

what do you like doing in your spare time?

hosting a party
painting and drawing
fighting and slaying demons

how far do you go to save a friend?

letting them drink my blood so they can come back to life
nothing, my life is more important
going into hotel infested with vampires to save them
using up my most of magic to get them to safety
getting yourself killed instead of them

what is your biggest flaw?

i get jealous easily
i dont care about others, only my self
i am too stubborn
i have little confidence
i have done some bad things in the past

what is your love life like?

currently single, but i've had alot of short flings
in a relationship, but it has to be kept secret
ina relationship, it was complicated at first, but now im fine.
ive never properly dated, just gone out a few times.
ive been in love with someone for years, but they never knew, and don't like me back

what is your specialty in battles?

um, i dont battle…. your all freaks...
i am fast and sleek, i use my whip
i am strong, fast, and agile… i use my seraph blades, or a sword, or anything like that
i fight with my bare hands, pretty awesome right?
pphht, me? battle? no way. i have giant army do it all for me

finally, if you could marry any one who would it be?

Magnus Bane