Templar or Assassin?

Are you a cold-blooded Templar or a hidden Assassin? Find out in this two-minute quiz.

published on August 20, 201436 responses 10 4.2★ / 5

You see a petty thief running away with a purse. What do you do?

Kill him. Its wrong to steal.
Steal it back.
Chase him down.
Nothing. He needs it.

If a boy and an official were hanging over an edge, which would you save?

The official
The boy
Neither. Let them save themselves.
Neither. You cant reveal yourself to the public

Whats the fastest way to get away from guards?

Why would I run away from guards?
Turning lots of corners, then hiding in hay.

Who would you rather work with?

A thief. (named La Volpe ;) )
The leader of the city
A group of mercenaries
prostitutes. so... the weather...
A... uh... idk something to do w/ templars

Italy or Colonial America?

Colonial America

Which group wears the hoods when fighting.

The assassins


is that a plus sign?
OMG! Thats a templar logo! OMG! OMG! Video game orgasam!
What he said

\/_ \\/

*sigh* not this again...
a... really bad assassins logo?
*fap* what, whadda miss
a dead toupee

hidden blades belong to which group?

uhh errmehgewd this stupid qu4stion is why i locked myself in my room 4 tree weeks. the TEMPLARS, deerrr
YES a question i know! assassins!
a serial killing toupee