What famous person are you most like?

What famous person are you most like?

This is a quiz just to see what famous person your mood and different things are alike.

published on November 27, 201457 responses 16
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What do you do when someone asks you a question?

Make a joke out of it
Be cool telling them the answer
Say it in amazement
Say it telling them about someone you liked then hated.

When someone asks you to tell them a story what kind of story is it?

One about your old boyfriend/girlfriend
When you danced in front of people or did something amazing everyone liked.
When you spinned out in your car
When you pulled a joke on someone

What do you do when someone says something offensive to you.

Tell them that someone else did that before and then you gave them payback
Give them a dirty look and stare at them
Say something back to make them get owned
Make a funny Joke about them to make them mad

What would you write about if someone told you to write a song?

Your mean Ex
Your funny life
About your amazing car
About your swag

Whats your favorite color?

Baby blue
Pinkish purple
Dark blue