what type of person are you? (13)

what type of person are you? (13)

are you and introvert or extrovert? outgoing or more netflix and chill. this quiz will help you find out.

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its Saturday night and you get a text from your best friend.what do you want it to say?

can you send me your netflix password?
I'm going to a concert.wanna meet up?

There is a new person at work .what do you do?

walk up to them and introduce yourself
quietly put your head down and hope they don't notice you

you are asked to work with someone. do you...

take the lead.you got this
let them take the lead.you will add your ideas later

you meet a cute guy.do you...

walk up to him and flirt.
laugh around your friends and hope he notices you

the office christmas party is coming up but you'r not really feeling it do you..

turn up for 30 minutes and then make up an excuse
fake being sick and stay in instead

your best friend comes round but brings someone new. how do you react?

introduce yourself and try and make a new friend
make small take until your best friend picks up a topic

whats your ideal halloween night?

scary movies at home with close friends
dress up an hit the nearest halloween party

your going on holiday. who do you tell?

Only people who need to know

your at a party with your friends. do you keep with your friends or try and expand your circle by talking to new people?

keep with friends
expand my circle

someone you don't know very well tells a bad joke do you laugh dramatically or laugh politely

dramatically. of course
politely.its always the best thing to do