What Monster Hunter Weapon Type Should You Use?

What Monster Hunter Weapon Type Should You Use?

If you're anything like me, you'll be absolutely torn between what weapon to use in this game. This quiz is designed to help you find the weapon that's right to you!

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What general type of weapon do you prefer?

Melee: Up close and personal.
Ranged: I prefer keeping my distance.

What is the single most important aspect of a weapon to you?

Power: Kill them before they kill you!
Speed: Dodging is important; You can't kill anything when you're dead!
Technique: I hate having only one move to rely on!
Support: I want to help my friends!

When fighting a monster, where are you most likely to be found?

Right in front of them, caving some faces in!
Off to their sides, hitting them while they're busy somewhere else.
At their back, trying to cut that annoying tail off!
Hanging back a little, supporting my team.

To you, what is the most satisfying sound in the game?

The sound of skulls breaking by my weapon's blows!
The satisfying sound of a blade slicing through flesh!

How big do you prefer your weapon to be?

Bigger is better!
Small and practical!

How do you think about your teammates?

I have to keep them covered all the way through!
They can fend for themselves, I just need to play my part!
I'll help them do even more damage!
What teammates? LEEROOOY...!

Concerning elements, do you prefer one weapon for everything, or would you like to have many weapons for different monsters?

One weapon is all I need.
I like being prepared for anything!

How important is moveset diversity in a weapon for you?

If it's got one good move, I'm game.
I like a little variety.
I wanna dance all over the place!

Are you a combo breaker or a combo maker?

Combo Breaker: I seriously mess up a monster's moves!
Combo Maker: I'll be hitting the monster all day long!

Final Question: How would you want to contribute to the team?

Main Damage: I want to be the guy who kills stuff, nothing less!
Side Damage: I don't need all the glory, but I WILL be dealing damage!
Support: I'll be helping my team to win!
Other: I'll be all over the place, doing what needs doing.