Sorting Helmet v4 (Navy)

Sorting Helmet v4 (Navy)

Being in the Republic of Singapore Navy is about way more than just sailing. Which task would you be most suited for as a crew member? Find out through this fun quiz!

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You and your friends are now in a committee organizing an event. Which task would you take on?

Planning the program outline
Liaising with external parties
Admin and Logistics
Being a Runner on the actual day
Event Page and Publicity

How would you spend a free afternoon?

Invite some friends out for a game of paintball
Open a DIY wooden model kit and make a model
Play video games
Bake or cook something
Venture around a less explored corner of Singapore
Go kayaking in Sentosa

You are going to a deserted island. Which of the following would you bring with you?

Swiss army knife
GPS phone
Fishing rod

I like firepower/explosions.

Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

How would you do your grocery shopping?

Make a detailed shopping list in advance, and write it down
Make a rough shopping list in advance, and remember it
Go to the supermarket regularly, and grab whatever comes to your mind
Go whenever you realize your fridge is empty

You are walking back from school via a forested path. Suddenly, a tiger appears. What do you do?

Why think so much? Just run (and hope the tiger doesn’t get you first)!
Plan in your head the path you want to take, and then just chiong out
Hide, take out your phone and call someone for help
Build a trap/weapon using whatever you can find, arm yourself with it and run off
Get a huge and sharp branch, throw at the tiger from a distance
Start collecting rocks/branches and anything you can use as a weapon

Movie screening time! Which task would you take on?

Choosing the movie
In charge of entertainment and sound system
Setting up and decorating the venue
Bring the popcorn (for throwing at people, not for eating)
Just watch the movie

Which of the following courses do you intend to pursue?

Communications, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems
Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering
Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering
Economics, Business Management, Finance, Management, Accounting, Law