Can You Stand Up For Yourself?

Can You Stand Up For Yourself?

Take my personality quiz to see if you can stand uo for yourself ir if you are just a whimp! :P

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Bully: Hey loser! I bet your gonna have nobody at prom cause of your face so don't bother to show up!

You: Well why do you bother going!? If you
fall and hit your face it will be way more
messed up than now!
You: *cries and runs away*

Bully: HA! Look at your face! Looks like you did fall from heaven on your face!

You: Hey did you know your face is calling
from hell?
You: *cries and tells teacher*

Bully: So who's your date? Miley Cyrus!?

You: Uh uh uh! YES!?
You: Is your date you?

Bully: Your so ugly you'll grow old and lonely with cats!

You: Oh yeah? Your so ugly you'll be the only
one at prom without a date! Even the ugliest
girl in school will have a date! *points at me*
You: I uh I *cries*

Bully: Who created you a troll!?

You: Idk I think? *runs away*
You: Sorry but I have a face if an angel! Were
you created by hell? Or are you just messed