What do people not know about you?GIRLS ONLY

What do people not know about you?GIRLS ONLY

Who are you going to be?find out in this very important quiz,ps my first quiz!

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What's your hobbie and why?

Hanging with my close and nice friends.it is
Showing of my cool stuff.it makes me popular
Drawing or listening to my music.its fun

What are your friends like?

They are fun and love to be around me and others
Mean but popular like me
They are strong and outgoing people

What's your favorite anime

Sailor moon
Attack on titan
Sword art online

What's your favorite colors

Light blue,purple,and pink
Blue and red and oh also white
Hot pink Fusha and cyan

And finally how do you act around a new group of people

Shy and I stay in a corner and hide
I go and make new friends or meet new people
Tell them watch yourself or you'll get hurt