What Movie Genre IS YOUR Life

What Movie Genre IS YOUR Life

Everyone has their moments, but some people's life is an (almost) constant up, down, or in between. PLEASE NOTE: This is an internet quiz, and does not have 100% accuracy, so if this is not 100% accurate, (or there is a grammer/spelling error) a rampage in the comments is NOT needed.

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What is an common problem that happens to you

Anything suspicious
someone trying to start something, or you starting something
embarrassing yourself
Being attracted to/ liking someone ( or too many people)

You weren't watching your mouth and, offended a friend what did you say( most likely if you had to)

I hate you
You ruined everything
No it was not funny
What are you trying to do

Which would most likely happen to you

You make a scene at school/work
You receive a threatening message
your friend reveals who you like
you send a private text to everyone in your contacts list

If someone were to leave a box at your door what would it MOST LIKELY be?

an empty box
It just would NOT open
A gift
Someone else`s mail

Where would you want to go, if you had to choose 1 of these places

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Great Britain
Hong Kong
Paris, France

Which are YOU most likely to do

put on miss-matched socks
Be over-suspicious of people and offend your friends
Fall for the wrong type of person
Start an argument

If you were to slip and fall at school/work, and everyone was laughing at you what would you think

This was a set up
I hope that cute guy/girl didn't see that
What are they thinking(after seeing this happen)
This always happens