Which Haikyuu Character Are You?

Hii qFeast it's your favorite Dildo420 back with a quiz!! Have you ever wondered which Haikyuu character you would be? Probably not. Enjoy anyways. (This will not include every character I don't have that kind of time ?)

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Which Haikyuu Character Are You?
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What have you been up to during this quarantine?

Thinking about how much i miss my bros
I've started an online empire on roblox
Picking up hobbies (art, baking, writing, actually getting work done, etc.)
Animal Crossing!!
Forgot I have online classes and it was finals week last week.
I sleep at 4:20 on the dot everyday
Pondering the meaning to life and what it means to be alive every time i lay down in bed and see my ceiling, craving nothing
but freedom and the warm touch of another human being
Maintaining a structured routine and being a functional human being
Honing my skills
I forgot there was a pandemic and I've probably infected thousands of people
I've started learning a new language
Been playing Minecraft with the bros
I've started a garden!
I've watched just about every single show on Netflix at this point and I feel nothing.
Honestly? I've just been sleeping.

Favorite RedBull flavor?

Coconut Edition
Coconut Edition
Green Edition (Kiwi Apple)
Green Edition (Kiwi Apple)
Summer Edition (Limited Edition)
Summer Edition (Limited Edition)
Peach Edition
Peach Edition
Yellow Edition (Tropical)
Yellow Edition (Tropical)
Blue Edition (Blueberry)
Blue Edition (Blueberry)
Orange Edition (Tangerine)
Orange Edition (Tangerine)
Pear Sugarfree Edition
Pear Sugarfree Edition
RedBull Cola
RedBull Cola
Purple Sugarfree (Acai Berry)
Purple Sugarfree (Acai Berry)
Lime Sugarfree
Lime Sugarfree
Silver Edition (Lime)
Silver Edition (Lime)
RedBull Zero
RedBull Zero

What's your thoughts on crocs?

What's your thoughts on crocs?
I own a pair, and I am not ashamed.
I make fun of people who own crocs.
I have no thoughts on them.
I try my best to not think about them.
They're shoes.
People who like crocs probably find some sick pleasure in knowing that they're getting uneven, hole-shaped tan lines on their
feet. and for what? who wants to see your holey, janky feet? what the f_ck is your problem. who are you trying to make a point
to. and don't even get me started on the people who wear socks with crocs.
I don't like them but I don't really care if you do. It's none of my business. You do you.
I own a pair but I am not proud of it. Please don't tell anyone.
They're ugly but they're comfortable.
I like the Lightning McQueen ones.
I once had a friend who wore a pair of crocs. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.
I think they're super cute! Especially with socks.
Me and my partner wear matching crocs.
The normal ones are okay. However, everytime I see someone wearing the wedged/high platform crocs I want to shove them
so they can topple over. None of them look them can walk right.
I LOVE crocs. I am super excited and looking forward to the new KFC x crocs collaboration. And the chicken jibbits that come
with them put it all together.

Pick a gradient generated by @manygradients on Twitter.


Which primordial Greek deity sounds most appealing?

Pontus; The g-d of the sea, father of the fish and other sea creatures.
Eros; The g-d of love and attraction.
Hemera; The goddess of day.
Uranus; The g-d of the heavens (Father Sky); father of the Titans.
Gaia; Personification of the Earth (Mother Earth); mother of the Titans.
Phanes; The g-d of procreation in the Orphic tradition.
The Ourea; The g-ds of mountains.
Tartarus; The g-d of the deepest, darkest part of the underworld, the Tartarean pit
Nemesis; The goddess of retribution.
Erebus; The g-d of darkness and shadow.
Thalassa; Personification of the sea and consort of Pontus.
Chronos; The g-d of empirical time
Hypnos; The personification of sleep.
Nyx; The goddess of night.
Ananke; The goddess of inevitability, compulsion, and necessity.

Which one of these outfits would you wear?


A friend asks for homework answers, what do you say?

Make sure all my answers are correct before I give it to them.
I did not do the homework.
I slept and forgot to do it and let my first grader brother do it.
Leave them on seen.
I'll give it to them as long as they do something for me in return.
I'm too busy doing my other friend's homework.
I haven't done it either, so I'll ask them if we can do it together!
No, but I'll help them and walk them through the answers.
I totally forgot we even had homework.
Я з'їм тебе.
Of course!!
No, but only because I'm not sure if my answers are correct and I don't want my friend to fail.
I'm the one that asked for homework answers.
I would agree and then send them the wrong answers.

What do you like to do as sleepovers?

I prefer to only have one or a few close friends and watch a movie with them.
I don't know. I usually fall asleep as soon as I get there.
I like to play video games with my friends!
I like to get high with my friends and then walk to Denny's with them.
I like to make fun Tik Toks with my friends!
Commit homicide.
I'm simple. I just want to relax and watch movies and eat snacks with my friends.
Me and my friends like to stay up late watching conspiracy movies.
I'm the one that suggests we go on Omegle.
My friends and I like to talk about our crushes, drama, gossip, ect.
я дзижав на свого кота.
I like to walk to the bodega with my friends and grab some snacks and then do whatever when we get home.
I don't like wasting my time at sleepovers, only if it's a study party. If it isn't beneficial for my education it is not worth my time.
I'm the person that convinces my friend to help me sneak in my boyfriend/girlfriend and they sit and watch us makeout
I hate sleepovers.

Pick an animal

Pikachu :)
Dinosaur ...
Dog or Wolf

Good quiz? Yes?

Yes, I loved it a lot.
I hope you die.