Cataclysmic Minds - Insane Asylum WWYFF - Chapter 1

Cataclysmic Minds - Insane Asylum WWYFF - Chapter 1

Hello beautiful! Welcome to my first wwyff, if this goes well I'll make more so on with the quiz!

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" She's unconscious for now but not for long. The drug we gave her is a pretty strong one, she's been out for 15 hours." You hear a man explain. Another voice, a woman's, speaks also."I'm impressed. Good work Dr. Kover. When she awakens,bring her to me."

~Random Question~ Favorite Colors?

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Dark Colors
Light Colors
All the colors!
Pfft I don't like colors

" yes ma'am." Dr.Kover says replies. You hear both of them exit the room and slowly open your eyes. Everything is blurry and the room is shifting from side to side. Eventually it stops and you can see you're in a white room. Nothing but white.

Where the frack am i? What happened? Who were those people? I'm so confused!
Oh god oh god oh god no no no this can't be happening! White rooms are NEVER a good thing! I'm freakin out man!
Omg it's so peaceful and quiet and sirene...i love it
No! make the spinny walls come back! That was fun!

A sharp pain surrounds your wrists and ankles from a sturdy ropes tying them down on either sides of the cold, metal table your laying on. You hear Dr. Kover's voice coming towards the room.

omg what do i do?! what do i do?! Agh!
* Freezes in pure terror*
Let him come in! I'll beat him up!
* Tries to get out of rope quickly*

Dr. Kover enters and walks over to where you are. "Good morning sunshine, how are you feeling?"

I would be a lot happier if you weren't here. I was enjoying my solitude
oh me? I'm doing fantastic...oh yah except for the fact my ankles and wrists hurt and i don't know where i am!
*stays silent*
Oh em gee! he called me sunshine! Great! Thanks for asking ^_^

"Right. Well...Captain Frey is waiting for you." Kover states. You tries to speak but when you do you find that there's a rag that you didn't notice before tied over your mouth that muffles your speech.

What! no no no! My voice is too beautiful to be muffled!
Ewww they could at least clean the rag XP
Haha this is kinda fun * continuously makes muffled noises*
But what if i gots to go to the bathroom O.O

kover walks behind you and you hear two latches being unlatched and then a chain unlocking. Then Kover cuts the ropes, picks you up and puts you in a wheel chair. He then latched your hands with handcuffs that are connected to the wheel chair.

Geez high security
He picked me up :D that is sooo cute
At least I'm sitting up now
When i get out of this wheel chair I'm going to pummel your face in!

He then goes behind you and pushes you in the wheel chair. You exit out of the double doors of the white room and come to a hallway. The hallway looked as if it had come from a nightmare. Skinny,sickly people in white outfits line the hallway walls making

~Random Question~ Favorite Food?


(continue) it impossible to see where the wall and floor meet. Some of them are shaking and rocking back and forth, some of them are talking nonstop, and some of them aren't doing anything, they're just lying there...dead. The place was dirty and smelled

(Don't Click) of death and bodily fluids.
Ew Ew Ew Get me out of here...Get me out here right now!
Kover will protect me...right? Where the heck am i? Who are all these people? What is happening?!
* sweats profusely*
*Sings calming song in head*

You reach the end of the hallway to an office door. Kover rings a buzzer and the female voice from before speaks. "Password?" Kover whispers something into the intercom. "Ah Kover. You Have the girl?" The woman chuckles."Yes ma'am." he replies.

~Random Question~ Favorite Movie Genre?

Feel Good

You can almost feel the woman smirking. "Good. Bring her in. I've been waiting."

~Random Question~ Favorite Type of Guy?

Virtuoso (Musically Gifted)

~End of Chapter 1~ Thanks for taking the quiz. I'll post another one based on how many people like it so let me know!

That sucked, poo you
Good but you should work on some things
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