What character are you from Truth or Dare?

What character are you from Truth or Dare?

I wrote a story Truth or Dare character are you: Jasper, Luna, Madeline or Lia

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Your friend is being beat up what do you do

Help them
Talk to them to try to stop the fight
Beat up the Bully
Walk away and go get help

What are you good at

Talking to animals
Track and stuff

What do you wear

sweater, necklace, jeggings
Hoodie, sneakers, jeans
Tank top and skirt
Shorts and a t shirt

If your friends asked you to do something crazy would you

For my reputation yes
No way
Only if I'm not at a risk of death or hurting
someone I love
My friends wouldn't do that

Your wearing something you don't really like but you get tons of compliments on it do you wear it agian

Only if I have to
For sure

Who would be your best friend


Would you ever kill yourslef

If I was miserable
If I had to for someone else to survive

What truth or dare is your favorite

Truth or dare
Truth or dare 3 (it hasn't came out yet)
I haven't read the series


caring, gullible, tends to think about others
more then yourself, will do a lot of things your
told for your reputation
smart, creative, crys easily
a great friend, there for you when you need
it, cheerful, and always looks at the bright
can be short tempered but always
appologieses, tough, really intelligent, and will
stick up for people