are you cool ????

are you cool ????

really almost everyone thinks they are cool i dare you to do this quiz if you don't your a chump!!! jk

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you are walking down the street what are you wearing?

nothing you are comfortable with your body.
you walk down the street with the first shirt hat and pants you see.
you have a black jacket on with skinny jeans and a black shirt with a puppy on it

your sister asks you if he or she can come in your room what do you say or do?

you slam the door in her or his face and say go away im older
you say no i really don't want you in my room srry but no .
you call 9-1-1 and say there is this random boy or girl in my room i think he or she is gonna kill me !!!!

If your mom says go clean your room its a mess what do you do?

you say no bi*** im too cool for you im moveing out any way !!!!
okay dokey what ever would please you wonder full great mother and give her flowers .
you say ok what ever i really don't care its my mess anyway and pay your brother or sister to do it.

your friends go to a party without you what do you do ?

act like nothing has happened and go any way
you say to your friends why did you not invite me guys they say we dont know?
you stay home and play video games

do you think you are cool

i think so

do you think your not cool