Which animal fits your personality?

Which animal fits your personality?

This is a quiz to see which animal can describe you the best. I do have a poll like this also

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Do you consider yourself a leader

I work alone
I am the leader
I stick together with others like me

Are you a very hard-worker

I work with others to achieve things
I work hard but am very quiet about it
I stalk and pounce/capitalize when ready

If you could choose one superpower what'd it be?

To fly at rapid speeds
To be majestic and pretty
To have perfect hunting abilities
To achieve life goals easily
To move fast and defend myself

When ready to attack do you let people know you are ready?

I just do it like a boss
Of course
I let out a fierce noise
I don't ever attack
I become a spazz

Do you like to go beyond your boundaries and expectations?

I do frequently
I can do it easily
Not really
Not me

Do you like to create your own things?

I work with groups to do those things
The pack baby
I always like to make stuff
I scare away people

Are you a helpful/resourceful person?

I help others like myself out
I help out family and friends
I do what I do to survive
I'm not really a talker
I am a flyer and like to do my natural things