Safe Escape WWFFY part 5

Safe Escape WWFFY part 5

Your tired, the guys are curious about you. Let's see together how this goes ;3

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An hour passed and it was getting dark out. Dinner was ready and Sonic decided to wake you up. He knelt down next to you and lightly shook your shoulder.
“Hey, sleepy head, Knuckles made pasta, and I'm sure he'd love for you to try some" You stretched and groaned quietly, blinking a few times and letting your vision focus. Sonic was in front of you, smiling that goofy grin of his. His words registered in your mind and you snorted at the nickname he gave you.

Hi Sonic ^.^/
Noooo, I want to sleep
Sonic stop
Ohhh! Pasta!

His smile widened and he stood up, reaching out a hand. You hesitated before grabbing it and letting him help you to your feet. Still a little groggy, you swayed a little before regaining your balance.
“Is the she awake?!” Knuckles asked from the kitchen.
“Yep. We're headed to the table now.” Sonic called back.
As you walked toward the dining area, you saw your bundle of things lying on a table nearby. You hoped that you had remembered to grab everything from the alley.

is my locket there?!
I wonder if anyone has been snooping...:/
What if I forgot som thing important?! D:
I'm sure I have everything

Knuckles' pasta was good. Silver had a look of surprise on his face when you finished your plate and actually asked for seconds. Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails and Knuckles all headed upstairs to get ready to sleep. It was getting rather late, you walked over to the table that held your belongings. You unwrapped the blanket and moved some things around, sighing with relief when you saw the little wooden box nestled in one of your shirts. You reached down and rubbed your hand lightly over the top of it, memories flooding your mind. You remembered a more peaceful, happy time. A time when you had someone to love and care about, and they also loved and cared for you.

I miss them

You fold the blanket up and walk to the couch and sit down. It isn't long before Shadow reappears, holding a pillow.
“Knuckles fell asleep .” He handed you the pillow and sat down next to you. “you might need this.” You took the pillow and placed it at the end of the sofa and turned back toward Shadow. He had a look on his face, like he was thinking hard about something. Sonic, Silver and Tails wondered back down the stairs and Shadow look over at them and they walked over.

Haha, what is his? A business meeting?
Okay, this is weird
They need to stop worrying, I'm fine!
I hate attention...

After a few silent moments of their unspoken conversation, they looked back at you. "__" Tails starts "Iknow you're a little nervous about all this, but would you mind if we asked you a few questions?” You bit the inside of your cheek. You weren't sure.
“How about we make it simple.” He said. “We will ask you a yes or no question, and you can either nod 'yes' or shake your head 'no'. Is that ok?” You nodded. You wouldn't be able to avoid this forever. Sonic started started. “Do you have family?”

Yes, I do, it's complicated though
This is still weird
I guess

He didn't waste any time pulling out the personal questions. You nodded.
“Did you live with them before?” Silver asks

I did, we were quite well of in our own little house
*bites lip*

You nodded.
“Did you leave on your own terms?” Shadow pressured.

Yes, but it seemed like I didn't have a choice
I guess you could say yes
*awkward cough*

You refused to look him in the eye, and shook your head.
“Have you spoken to them since?” Tails whispers

I miss them...
Not recently, no
I can't even if I wanted to
No, I wouldn't be able to and I just want to see them again...well most of them

You shook your head.
The boys share a glance and stand up.
They say their goodnights and walk off to their bedrooms muttering something about 'no contacts' and 'stay with them' until they 'find someone'. You sigh.

I need to leave though
I wish I could tell them...
I'm trouble aren't i?
I miss all my family...I guess not my! Not my dad >:c