what animal are you ? (1)

what animal are you ? (1)

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If someone were to steal something from you what would you do?

Fight them back.
Call the cops, you don't have time to deal with the drama.
Don't do anything but talk behind their backs on how they stole from you.
It's okay they'll return it back to you soon.
Make fun of them because they stole from you.
It's okay the item wasn't even yours to start with.
Catch them red handed and just stare at them.

What kind of food would you eat?

Steak for life
Salad, nobody eats meat
At a fancy French restaurant, maybe some spaghetti.
Any food it fine, although I prefer bacon.
Whole grains are the best!!!
Anything that relates to Cheese.
I love fruits, especially banana.

Where would you live in the world?

In AMERICA !!!!!
In Europe of course.
Paris, France, I belong there.
Anywhere is fine as long as I'm with the person i love.
Everywhere is better then at home.
Back where I originally came from.

Would you cheat on a test?

Cheats and get caught.
Too smart and doesn't need to cheat
Cheats and the teacher doesn't know.
Wouldn't have thought about cheating in the first place.
Studied for the test but fails anyway.
Look at other students test.
Doesn't do the test.

What kind of clothes would you wear?

Clothes?! What are these clothes you speak of?
Something casual.
I have to stand out, so I'll wear bright clothes.
Any clothes are fine I love all the clothes that are given to me. Although sometimes I rip them.
Never finds any size that'll fit me, they're either too small or too big.
Have to wear something that is super cute.
A tux would do, people look good in tux.

if someone were to fall down what would you do?

Just look at them fall
Walk pass them as they fall and doesn't care.
Get overly worried that they got hurt.
Imitate falling because it was so funny.
Was the person that tripped them.
Saw everything Happen before and after the person fell.